The Consultation

The initial consultation will be about 1 hour. During this time I will aim to create a full profile of you, in line with good homeopathic practice, where a complete picture of the patient is needed in order to facilitate an holistic approach.

During the consultation, or through a questionnaire, I shall ask for some detail of current , past medical history, detail of any traumas, illnesses, operations and vaccinations.
Knowledge of your immediate family medical history may also be relevant to your treatment, for example your parents and siblings.

This information, taken together with the appraisal of the main cause for the consultation, will then begin to point to the relevance of certain remedies in your case. This could be during the initial consultation, but may be afterwards where more complex cases require further reflection. In the latter scenario remedies will be posted to you, as they would be in the case of Skype or FaceTime consultations.

Please note: At no time will I recommend the cessation of any current medication from your GP or specialist. Any change to this medication must only be made, by you, in consultation with the GP or specialist concerned. As a homeopath I shall not be making a diagnosis of any medical condition, but shall be viewing you, as a being, in need of harmonisation of energies.